Benefits of a Renovation Consultant

Two of the most popular design apps Pinterest and Houzz have been the envy and frustration of many homeowners.

How do I accomplish that look without spending a fortune ?

Is that something I can do in my own home ?

The uniqueness of your home and more importantly how you use the space will often dictate what’s really possible / practical.

We often become overwhelmed with the options and don’t know where to start; or we know what we want but are looking for an affordable solution. We work with homeowners to find these solutions. We’ve worked with DIYers that possess the skills but are looking for guidance or working alongside for that added level of expertise. We work with new and prospective homeowners to highlight what’s possible and practical to turn their house into a home. Utilizing a renovation consultant can  bridge the gap between homeowner and contractor. We can balance cost effective solutions with your vision or creating one for you. Often times we're able to see things in a different light that may have been over looked by the homeowner. Designing and doing our own home construction, in addition to aiding and consulting on outside projects has given us a unique perspective on the key elements of home renovation.

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