8 ways to spruce up your home for the holidays

Holiday’s are around the corner and we’re all looking forward to spending time with friends and family.  As we start to make shopping list and plan we also start to notice all of the things in our house we want to change (before our guests arrive).  Fall is the perfect time to refresh and renovate your house.   New colors for the walls, hardwood flooring, box mouldings, led lighting, new doors, a working doorbell…
1.  Declutter This one might be overly obvious, but often times it’s overlooked.  If you’re like most people (myself included) things tend to accumulate over time with no logical place to put them.  Naturally they wind up on counters, coffee tables, behind couches, closets, or other dark corners of your house.  In the end it's time to use, re-purpose, donate, or throw-out.    
2. Entranceway While you might want to completely renovate your master bathroom, most likely your guests will never see it (that’s a project for after the holidays).  Now that it’s getting dark earlier check for adequate front door lighting as well as walkways. A working doorbell also helps.  Mirrors, picture frames, and new area rug can breathe new life into the space. Now make that great first impression and spruce up the entranceway to your home.
3. Flooring Installing new hardwood floors can give a warm feel to your entire living space.  Endless options from hardwood, engineered, laminates, and vinyl for any budget.  Most floating floors can be installed over existing floors reducing messy demolition for an easier renovation.  If you the flooring is in good condition also consider refinishing.  
4. Lighting Advances in technology now give you many options when it comes to lighting.  LED bulbs and replacement fixtures have come along way from the old filament and the dangerous CFLs.  LEDs can now work with dimmers and are available for almost all existing light fixtures.  Add a digital timer so you're never entering a dark home.
5. Paint A fresh coat of paint can spruce up any room.  Now’s the time to try out those new colors you’ve always wanted.  Benjamin Moore’s 2017 color of the year is Shadow - they describe it as “rich, deep amethyst” (last year was Simply White).  Whether you decide on an entire new color scheme or simply repaint existing walls/ceiling your house will feel and look brand new. Confused by all of the options check out our post on paint types which to choose.
6. Mouldings Crown, base, chair rail, wainscoting - from traditional to contemporary - there’s a profile for everyone.  Moulding and millwork options can quickly add a new dimension walls and ceilings. Solid wood, MDF, and composites for rounded walls. Renovate one room or the entire space
7. Kitchen Regardless of the size of your home most guests migrate and stay in the kitchen.  For quick make overs - change out knobs and handles on doors and drawers.  Updated countertops and backsplash can transform the old and tired into fresh and new.  If space permits an island adds extra counter space and storage. A full remodel might be needed - huge savings on appliances during holiday season.
8. Doors Similar to a your master bathroom most people will only see the doors in the main living area of your home, focus on those.  Start with the door knobs - brushed nickel, oiled bronze, from classic to contemporary.  Take it one step further and change the doors from the original flat panels to something will a little more dimension, replace the old trim for a truly finished look.

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